1. How do I connect to the wireless network?

You can connect any device that supports WPA Enterprise security. You’ll need to refer to your device’s documentation to ensure that it supports this security protocol. We have walkthroughs available for MAC, Windows, iOS, and Android devices that can be located here (http://lis.dickinson.edu/Technology/Wireless/index-aruba.html).

2. How do I connect to the wired network?

Generally, you will find a set of 2 network jacks in your room. Often, depending on how it’s installed, the active jack will be the jack on the Top or the jack on the Left. You’ll first need to connect your computer to the network jack with an RJ45 Ethernet Cable (Network cable – keep in mind that you will need to bring your own Ethernet cable, no longer than 10 ft in length). Once you’ve connected, you’ll need to get your computer configured to be able to properly connect to the wired network. You can find further instructions here (http://lis.dickinson.edu/Technology/ResNet/index.html)

3. How can I connect to my Network Drive (Y: drive) from my personal computer?

Once you’re connected to our network, you can create a shortcut to your Network Drive on your computer. Anything you save to this network drive will be accessible on any campus computer, and you’ll also have the ability to access these files from off campus using NetFiles in the Gateway. You can find information on connecting the Y: drive to your personal computer here (http://lis.dickinson.edu/Technology/ResNet/index.html)

4. How do I connect my smartphone to my Dickinson Email?

We have walkthroughs available for the iPhone, Android devices, and Blackberries. Keep in mind, there tends to be some variation between manufacturers of Android devices and their email applications, so you may not see exactly what the walkthrough shows, but all of the information you need will be there. You will need to connect to an Exchange server, so if you have an Android on Verizon, a Corporate Data plan will be required to connect to Exchange. Verify this with your Verizon representative. The walkthroughs can be found here (http://lis.dickinson.edu/Technology/Training/Tutorials/index.html).

5. Can I bring my own printer?

While there are printers available all over campus that you will be able to use, some students do still find it helpful to have their own personal printer in their room. If you choose to bring your own printer, keep in mind that we cannot support personal printers, and you’ll need a printer that connects directly to your computer via USB or other means. Wireless and network printers will not work, as authentication via WPA Enterprise wireless security is required for wireless connection which is usually not supported by these devices, and out wired network requires registration via a web browser, which printers will not have.

6. How can I reset my password or unlock my account?

Once you’ve successfully logged into Gateway, we encourage everyone to setup Password Self Service (https://helpdesk.dickinson.edu/password). Once you’ve configured password self-service with your security/identity verification questions, you will be able to reset your own password, as well as unlock your own account in the event it becomes locked.

7. Why can’t I get any of the TV channels to broadcast on my set?

Since all televisions are a little different, we unfortunately can’t tell you exactly how this process will work, but here are some general guidelines. First, you need to connect your COAX cable (TV cable) to the TV jack in the room (keep in mind you will need to supply your own COAX cable). Then you need to access the Menu of your television (this can usually be done with the remote, sometimes by a button on the TV). First, you’ll need to ensure your TV is set to receive “Cable” channels. If it’s set to Analog or Antennae, it may not find all or any of the channels. Once it’s been set to Cable, you’ll need to find the option in the Menu to scan for channels. This might be called “Channel Search” or “Channel Scan” or “Scan for channels” etc. Once it’s done scanning, it should have found all available channels.

8. Why do I only get a limited set of channels on my TV in my room?

Not all channels are available in all locations. The full channel lineup is available in lounges, common areas, and select campus locations. Student bedrooms and Faculty offices receive channels 2 through 24 and all digital and high definition channels. You can view a channel listing here