Resetting Your Wireless Settings in Windows Vista and 7

Additional Settings

These directions will walk you through removing a wireless connection profile, and will help you create a fresh network profile.

Here's how to proceed.

From the Start Menu, open the Control Panel.

Open the Network and Sharing Center.

Select Manage wireless networks from the menu on the left.


A list of your saved wireless networks will appear.


Select any instances of Students or FAS from the list, then click Remove.


A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm removal of the network. Click on OK.


Restart your computer to ensure complete removal of the old cached network.

Once your computer has restarted, open the Network and Sharing Center again. Select Manage wireless networks again from the menu on the left.


In the Manage Wireless Networks window, click on the Add button:


In the next window that appears, select Manually create a network profile.



Network name: FAS (for faculty/staff) or Students (for students)


Security type:


Encryption type: TKIP


Then click Next.


In the next window that appears, select Change connection settings.


In the window that appears, make sure that WPA-Enterprise and TKIP are selected.

Choose Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) for the network authentication method.

Then Click the Settings... button.


A Protected EAP Properties window will appear.


Uncheck the box next to Validate server certificate.


In the Select Authentication Method section, choose Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).


Then click on the Configure... button.


Another Properties window will appear.

Uncheck the checkbox and click OK.


Click on OK in all the remaining windows until no more open network configuration windows remain.


You should then see a message pop up in your system tray asking for more information. Click on it, and continue along with the original walkthrough