LibX is a plugin that you can use to easily check our library holdings from any website. You can use it to search our catalog, Journal Locator or Google Scholar.

Searching our collection:

  • You can highlight any text in a webpage and right-click (control + click on Macs) to select where to search for that title/term.
  • You can search using the toolbar menu.
  • You can also drag your terms to the "Scholar" button on the toolbar. If possible, this will open two windows: one for Google Scholar and one for "Get It!".

Off-campus access:

By using the proxy option in the right-click menu, you can get proxy access to a subscription resource without first going through the library website.

Linking back to our content:

You will see this icon cue icon located by book titles in some websites, such as Amazon. Click on it to see if we have that title in our collection.



You can download the FireFox version or Chrome version here

Some of the settings can be modified under the LibX DC->LibX Preferences option on the toolbar.