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Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange    
Primary documents related to the experiences of Westerners in Asia. Principally US and British diplomatic documents, but also documents from missionary organizations and journals on socio-economic topics. Part of Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO).
  • Coverage Range: 1818-1923
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Gale Cengage Learning

Bibliography of Asian Studies Online    
A major database for Asian Studies, with comprehensive index coverage of mostly western-language articles and book chapters on all parts of Asia.
  • Coverage Range: 1971 to present
  • Citations Only
  • Vendor: Bibliography of Asian Studies, The

CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online)    
Access to theory and research in international affairs from 1996 to present. Also includes economic information, and map and country data.
  • Coverage Range: 1996 to present
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Columbia University Press
  • Jumpstart Searchable

CiNii (Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator)    
Search for books and articles from Japan's National Diet Library. Japanese and English interfaces available. No full text, but contact a librarian about accessing articles you need.
  • Coverage Range: varied
  • Citations Only

Historical Abstracts    
Covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including military history, women's history, history of education, history of science, and more. Includes secondary source articles, books, and book reviews published between 1955 to present. Some full-text links included. Use the library's "Get It!" button to obtain materials with no direct full-text link. NOT A GOOD SOURCE FOR ANCIENT OR MEDIEVAL HISTORY, OR FOR NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY
  • Coverage Range: 1955-present
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: EBSCO
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Historical Chinese Newspapers    
A collection of 22 English-language newspapers published in China between 1832 and 1953. Part of the Historical Newspapers database. Purchase made possible through a bequest of Eleanor Cogan (Honorary Doctor of Liberal Arts, 2003), library volunteer and longtime friend of the college.
  • Coverage Range: 1832-1953
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: proquest

Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949: U.S. State Department Records on the Internal Affairs of Japan    
Essential and unique documentation on a variety of topics relating to Japanese internal affairs between the World Wars, including: politics, the rise of Bolshevism and radicalism, militarism, Sino-Japanese war, trade and tariffs, social control, labor development and unrest, emigration, war, military, armament, economics, industry, trade, and the afects of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Gift of the Mary Moser Memorial Library Fund.
  • Coverage Range: 1930-1949
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: GALE Cengage Learning

Koseisha Japanese Magazine Index Database    
Entirely in the Japanese language, the Koseisha database indexes magazines and periodical articles from the Meiji era 1868 to the present. It includes periodicals locally published in Japan as well as those published in neighboring countries during the colonial times. The database is linked with the National Diet Library’s Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (Japanese Periodical Index of 19,514 journals held by the National Diet Library of Japan), the National Institute of Informatics’ CiNii (a research article index) and Webcat (a union catalog of the academic libraries in Japan).
  • Coverage Range: 1868 to present
  • Citations Only
  • Vendor: Koseisha, Co.
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Lexis-Nexis - Academic Universe    
Access to hundreds of newspapers from around the world, plus a wealth of legal, business, medical, and reference information.
  • Coverage Range: Coverage varies but generally 1980s to current.
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Reed Elseviar Inc.
  • Jumpstart Searchable

Medieval Travel Writing    
Manuscripts of some of the most important works of European travel writing from the later medieval period. The chief focus is on journeys to central Asia and the Far East, including accounts of travel to Mongolia, Persia, India, China and South-East Asia. The collection also includes a number of important accounts of travels to or through the Holy Land. It features a number of medieval maps such as the famous ‘Beatus’ and ‘Psalter’ maps, individual manuscript illuminations, and some modern translations of key travel texts.
  • Coverage Range: 13th to the 16th centuries
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Adam Matthew

National Geographic Magazine Archive    
The official journal of the National Geographic Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit educational and scientific organizations. Recognized for some of the highest-quality photojournalism and cartography in the world, this award-winning, iconic magazine is famous for providing unparalleled, in-depth coverage of cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment. Featuring the complete archive of the magazine to the mid-1990s, this database includes every page and every photograph, all fully searchable.
  • Coverage Range: 1888-1994 (Archive), 1995-present
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Gale

Nineteenth Century Collections Online Archive (NCCO)    
Primary source material from rare collections around the globe. Includes eight individual collections: (1) British Politics and Society: sources related to the political climate in Great Britain; (2) European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection: full-text of more than 9,500 English, French and German titles including fiction, short prose, dramatic works, poetry and more, with a focus on difficult-to-find works by historically neglected writers; (3) Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange, which includes government reports, diplomatic correspondence, periodicals, newspapers, treaties, trade agreements, NGO papers, and more; (4) British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture, featuring primary sources such as playbills, scripts to operas and complete scores; (5) Photography: The World through the Lens, has photos and publications about photography from the period; (6) Science, Technology & Medicine: 1780-1925, parts 1-2, has journals, books and other documents; (7) Women: Transnational Networks has journals, books, manuscripts, and other materials, mostly from the US and UK, but with some other countries as well; (8) Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest has monographs, periodicals, and other materials documenting European policies and their effects in Africa.
  • Coverage Range: 19th Century
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Gale

PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service)    
Index access to journal articles, book chapters, reports, and government publications from 120 countries.
  • Coverage Range: 1972 to present
  • Some Full-Text
  • Vendor: ProQuest

People's Daily of China    
In the Chinese language. Full text archive of China's most important newspaper, covering from 1946 to present.
  • Coverage Range: 1946-present
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: ORIPROBE
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Project Muse    
A multi-disciplinary database of full text scholarly journals and e-books in both humanities and social sciences. Most journals covered are up to date. Can be used as complementary to JStor as the latter covers mostly archival issues. E-books include titles in Global Cultural Studies, Poetry, Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction.
  • Coverage Range: Historical and current
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Johns Hopkins University Press

Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China Relations, 1989-1993    
This digital collection reviews U.S.-China relations in the post-Cold War Era, and analyzes the significance of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations, China’s human rights issues, and resumption of World Bank loans to China in July 1990. Gift of the Mary Moser Memorial Library Fund.
  • Coverage Range: 1989-1993
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: GALE Cengage Learning

World News Connection (East View; trial through May 10)    
Access to a historical archive of news from all over the world, translated into English. An important resource for those who do not know the foreign language yet needs a different perspective other than US.
  • Coverage Range: 1994-2013
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: East View

Yomidas Rekishikan (Yomiuri Shimbun)    
Over 11 million articles from every issue of Japan’s major newspaper, The Yomiuri Shimbun. In four parts: 1) The Meiji, Taisho and Showa Eras section (1874-1989), 2) The Heisei Era section (September 1986 onwards),  3) The Daily Yomiuri section (September 1989 onwards), and 4) The Contemporary Who’s Who, with searchable biographical data and articles on over 26,000 prominent individuals. Includes photos, images, advertisements. Search in Japanese or English. English versions of modern articles are available.
  • Coverage Range: 1874 to present
  • Full-Text
  • Vendor: Yomiuri Shimbun
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